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Every once in a while, I get an email or LinkedIn message suggesting good questions for the practice assessments. This made me realize I should offer a clear and easy way for people to send these suggestions. Having a larger pool of questions means the test will be more varied and valuable, especially on repeated attempts.

The MVP first iteration version of this, is a Google Form you can use to submit your questions. Periodically, I'll review the entries and add them to the test. I might redact a little where necessary. In exchange, I'll add you to the ScrumPractice Hall of Fame. Only if you actually want that of course, it's an optional part of the form. But, before you submit anything:

Terms and conditions for submitting content:

  1. No claims can be made based on material submitted.
  2. By submitting content, you give away any rights you may have on it. No legal claims can be made on material submitted.
  3. Consider anything submitted to from that point on live under the MIT license.
  4. Therefore, only material you yourself have created and own may be submitted.
  5. Submitting third-party material is not allowed.
  6. If you suspect your own or third-party material is being used on this site, please send a message immediately. The offending material will be removed as soon as possible.
  7. Credits will only be given, if so requested, in the Hall of Fame. Credits will not be displayed alongside the question.
  8. No personal data is stored on submission, unless you have entered it yourself in one of the open fields.
  9. If you do not agree with the above conditions, or if you do not fully understand them, do not submit your material.

I realize these conditions may sound kind of heavy-handed for a free resource. I don't mean them to be discouraging at all. I very much hope to gather a wealth of good content to make this website even better for all of us ❤️. The main point here is preventing any claims made by people at a later point in time. That could quickly turn this happy hobby-project into a legal nightmare. Let's keep it fun.

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To those submitting questions, thanks a million! Your openness and courage are the cornerstones of the Scrum community. Your contribution will help many a Scrum Master sharpen their skills.

you're a real one!