Level III practice exam

You are about to start the level III practice assessment of Scrum Master knowledge. For this exam, senior level Scrum Master experience and knowledge is expected. This third-party test can be helpful to those studying to be PSM III certified. This contains a large number of open, essay style questions. Tip: finishing within time by learning to answer concisely is almost more challenging than addressing the cases presented in these questions.

When taking this practice exam, take note of the following:

  • It's advised to only use this exam after studying. This will maximize the value you get out of it.
  • The assessment contains a mix of open and multiple choice questions.
  • Do not refresh the page or navigate away, your answers will be lost!
  • You have 120 minutes to complete all questions.
  • After 120 minutes, your assessment will automatically be graded.
  • Open questions can not be automatically graded, but you will receive feedback on what could be expected from a possible answer.
  • The feedback is extensive. Train yourself to give a concise answer covering the essence of the feedback. The timer will make you ; )
  • Using a physical keyboard and a desktop size screen is highly advisable.
  • Scrum Practice is an independent third-party training resource. We adhere to the Scrum Guide, but cannot guarantee our views align perfectly with those of others.
  • If you desire to be officially certified on this level, look into the Scrum.org PSM III certification. Obtaining the PSM III mastery level certification will involve a similar exam to this practice assessment, comprised of open essay style questions mixed with multiple choice.
  • Read my PSM III study guide for study tips for the assessment.
  • Good luck!